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The Barum Art Pottery Society's
Art Potters Of Barnstaple by Audrey Edgler
Baz with the the Della Robbia collection at the Williamson art gallery, Birkenhead
Peterborough Antiques Fair 2015

1. The Barum Art Pottery Society's invitation to the studio of popular modern artists and art pottery enthusiasts, Gilbert and George, (seated).
(front left, Audrey Edgeler;Centre Baz & Jane;Far right, Harry Lyons & fellow members.)   2. Audrey Edgeler's book 'Art Potters Of Barnstaple'    3. Baz with the the Della Robbia collection at the Williamson art gallery, Birkenhead    4. Peterborough Antiques Fair 2015.

A journey begins....

As collectors of British Art Pottery we undertook a pottery-buying trip in the mid 1980's to Barnstaple, North Devon and were fortunate to meet local dealer and historian Audrey Edgeler. Audrey, a former teacher, was just completing her new book on the "Art potters of Barnstaple" C.H Brannam, W. Baron, and A. Lauder. We were glad to help with its publication in March 1990 when a limited edition of two hundred copies signed by the author was produced.

Collectors unite

The Barnstaple Art Pottery Society was formed in July 1990 but, due to Audrey's ill Health, the Society finished in 1993. Over this period we produced 10 magazines to over 120 members, and an exhibition of the Barnstaple wares was staged at Liberty in London through Harry Lyons. Gilbert and George the Society's honorary members kindly lent some of their favourite pieces which created a fantastic display.

A Potters History

Having written a few articles for our old magazine and now our web site, we continue to research the golden period of British Art Pottery from the 1870's -1930's. We have been helped and encouraged along the way by our very good friend Harry Lyons, author of "Christopher Dresser, The People's Designer" published through the Antique Collectors Club. Fellow pottery enthusiast John Bartlett photographed some of our collection for his excellent reference book "British Ceramic Art" 1870-1940. John's depth of knowledge of Elton pottery greatly assisted Malcolm Haslam's book on "Elton Ware" published through Richard Dennis.

As members of the Pilkingtons Lancastrian Pottery Society, we congratulate friends Angela and Barry Corbett for their painstaking research into two great new reference books firstly "Pilkington's Tiles 1891-2010" and hot of the press Pilkingtons Lancastrian Pottery a Guide for Collectors. (For more details go to www.pilkingtons-lancastrian.co.uk).

Antique Fairs

Finally Jane and I look forward to meeting old friends and new as we exhibit at various Antique Fairs around the country. Just click onto fairs to see all our venues and dates, or Email us at baz@centuryceramics.co.uk

Come and say hello

Baz and Jane Stock